Benefits of Plastic Carboy vs Glass

The better bottle, preferably 6 gallon, PET Plastic Carboy is a great substitute for traditional glass carboys.  While glass carboys have been the norm for many years and still can have their bonuses when compared to the Better Bottle, there have been great improvements to the plastic carboys and better bottle leads the way.

One of the biggest pros is that you do not have to worry about dropping a gigantic glass bottle and shattering it on the floor. Glass carboys are heavy, now add 5 plus gallons of your delicious hard made adult beverage and you are looking at 50 plus pounds you are moving around making them very hard to navigate and maneuver.

As many advanced home brewers switch to converted deep freezers to create an ideal fermentation chamber, weight becomes a huge issue. Imagine trying to lift 60lbs out of a deep freezer and not spilling or having it slip out of your hands, not an easy task.

Dangers of Brewing With Glass Carboys

There have been many horror stories of people either cleaning or moving their glass carboys and them breaking in their hands resulting in hospital visits, stitches, and in some cases surgery all from severe cuts. How about the glass carboy slipping out of your hand and you dropping it on your foot, ouch!

Not all of the cases of broken carboys result in physical injury but there are even worse stories of lost beer and wine resulting from breaks. You worked hard to make and consume your adult beverages not spill them on the floor.

Now most plastic Carboys have their downsides that glass does not. Many are flimsy, easily scratched, and could be porous which is not what you want for fermentation.

Enter the Better Bottle, a rigid more robust plastic bottle that costs the same as your normal plastic Carboy. It has ridges on the sides to increase rigidity and is made out of a better plastic that does not allow airflow through. It’s also much lighter than the glass Carboy and has the same size top as a glass carboy so all of your old caps and airlocks will be transferrable.

From safety to functionality the Better Bottle is better than the normal glass.

One Major Con of Better Bottle’s Plastic Carboy

One downside the better bottle has, along with other plastic Carboys, is that they are not scrubbable. This is the big argument people have who have yet to convert over from glass.

The problem with their argument  is the advancements in cleaning supplies, they are so much better you just need to fill the better bottle up with water and solution and let it soak for 30 minutes to a hour and all of the leftovers dissolve right off. It cannot be said enough how much “better” these are than the old glass carboys.

From safety to functionality the Better Bottle is better than the normal glass.