Finding the right keg tap faucet lock can be an essential aspect of home brewing. A faucet lock provides security for your beer keg, ensuring that beer cannot be dispensed without a key. This can be especially beneficial if you have curious children or are hosting a party where you want to control beer distribution. 

Here’s a guide on how to find the best keg tap faucet lock for home brewing and our list of the 5 best tap locks but first, let’s explain what a beer tap lock is. 

What is a Beer Faucet Lock?

A faucet lock, in the context of brewing, is a device designed to secure the tap on a beer keg, preventing unauthorized access to the beverage. It essentially works as a lock and key mechanism that when locked, prevents the tap handle from being moved forward or backward, effectively blocking the dispensing of beer.

How to Find the Best Beer Tap Locks

1. Understand Your Needs

  • Quantity: How many faucet locks do you need? This will depend on the number of taps in your home brewing setup.
  • Usage: Will the locks be used regularly or only for special occasions?
  • Compatibility: Not all faucet locks are compatible with every faucet type. Determine whether your tap is standard, Perlick, or another type.

2. Research Different Types of Faucet Locks

Faucet locks can be categorized into different types based on their locking mechanism and compatibility. They may include key locks, combination locks, and even biometric locks. 

The most common types of beer tap locks are

  • Standard Tap Lock: This is the most common and fits on most standard taps.
  • Perlick Faucet Lock: This type is specifically designed to fit on Perlick faucets, which have a unique design.
  • Universal Tap Lock: A universal lock is designed to fit a variety of tap designs.

3. Evaluate Key Features

  • Ease of Installation: Look for a lock that can be easily installed and removed. Most faucet locks are designed for easy installation, but some may require additional tools.
  • Durability: A good faucet lock should be sturdy and durable. It should be able to withstand regular use and potentially rough handling.
  • Security: A faucet lock should provide a high level of security. A lock is only as good as its locking mechanism. High-quality locks may cost a bit more, but they can offer better security.
  • Ease of Use: The lock should be easy to unlock and lock, especially if you plan to use it regularly.

4. Read Reviews and Ratings

Online reviews and ratings can provide a wealth of information about the reliability and performance of different faucet locks. Look for reviews from home brewers and other users who have similar needs to yours.

5. Compare Prices

Prices for faucet locks can vary significantly based on their features and the brand. Compare prices from different sellers and consider the value that each lock offers in terms of security, durability, and ease of use.

6. Purchase and Test

Once you’ve decided on a faucet lock, make the purchase and install it on your keg tap. Check if it fits perfectly and functions as expected. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, consider returning it and choosing a different model.

7. Maintenance

Maintain your tap lock by cleaning it regularly and ensuring it’s in good working condition. A poorly maintained lock might not function properly and could compromise the security of your keg tap.

Choosing the best keg tap faucet lock for home brewing may require a bit of research and comparison, but it can be worth it to ensure the security and control over your beer dispensing. By following this guide, you should be able to find a lock that meets your needs and offers good value for money.

Best Beer Faucet Tap Locks

1. KegWorks Beer Faucet Lock

This is a high-quality faucet lock that’s compatible with most standard beer and wine faucets. The KegWorks Beer Faucet Lock is easy to install and use, and it comes with a unique key for added security.


  • This lock is very robust, made with high-quality materials that can withstand heavy usage.
  • It is designed to fit most standard beer and wine faucets, making it highly versatile.
  • The unique key adds an extra layer of security.


  • This lock might not fit all types of faucets, particularly non-standard ones.
  • It is one of the pricier options in the market, which may deter some buyers.

2. Bev Rite Beer Faucet Lock

The Bev Rite Beer Faucet Lock is known for its sturdy construction and high durability. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a reliable faucet lock that’s going to last. It fits most standard faucets.


  • Known for its sturdy construction, this lock can handle frequent usage without wear and tear.
  • It is designed to fit most standard faucets, adding to its versatility.


  • Although it is durable, some users have reported that it’s not as heavy-duty as other models.
  • It might not fit non-standard or custom faucets.

3. PERA Lock for Beer Tap Faucet

This faucet lock from PERA is designed to fit most types of beer taps, making it a versatile choice. It’s well-made, offering good security and it’s also relatively easy to install.


  • It is a versatile faucet lock that fits most types of beer taps.
  • Installation and usage are fairly straightforward.


  • Some users have reported that the lock can be a little bulky, which may interfere with the aesthetics of your setup.
  • The lock may not be as sturdy as some of the other options on the market.

4. Faucet Lock by SafeCo

SafeCo’s Faucet Lock is another great choice. It fits most standard beer faucets and comes with a two-key locking system for added security. It’s easy to install and remove, and it’s very sturdy.


  • The two-key locking system provides an extra layer of security.
  • It fits most standard beer faucets and is easy to install and remove.


  • Some users have reported that the keys can sometimes be difficult to use.
  • The design may not fit all faucet types, especially non-standard ones.

5. The Wrap-Around Beer Faucet Lock

This type of lock is unique in that it wraps around the tap, providing added security. The lock fits most beer taps and it’s easy to install without the need for extra tools.


  • The wrap-around design provides added security and is relatively unique in the market.
  • It fits most beer taps and is easy to install without the need for extra tools.


  • The design might be seen as bulky or intrusive by some users.
  • It may not fit all types of faucets, especially if they have a non-standard design.

These five beer faucet locks all provide good security and are well-regarded by home brewers. However, always remember to make sure the lock you’re considering is compatible with your specific beer faucet type. It may be helpful to read recent reviews and check for newer models to make sure you’re getting the best product for your needs.