This is a great Kegerator for the price that is very versatile, as it can be easily converted back into a mini fridge with shelves and plenty of space for the times when you do not necessarily need the tap tower taking up space on top.

This also makes the EdgeStar BR2001SS a great replacement fridge for someone who already has a Kegerator that they either wish to upgrade to a larger version or had their current fridge quit working and do not need all of the parts that come with buying a new Kegerator.

Because this fridge is a blank canvas to say when it comes to buying a kegerator you can just buy the fridge and any other higher quality parts that may not come with the full Kegerator version of this refrigerator.

Why get a kegerator you may ask? Well any beer aficionado knows beer tastes better on tap (draft) than out of the bottle. You can also get a large discount by buying a keg of beer rather than buying individual cans.

Another bonus is that by pressurizing the beer under CO2, the beer lasts much longer and can be kept that way for up to 6 months.

Not sure if anyone has recalled that beer from a keg party with the normal hand pump tap is not nearly as good a day or two later, but this is because those kegs are being pressurized by Oxygen rather than CO2 and it makes the beer become flat and stale.

A kegerator is a much cleaner and less cluttered way to store your keg for the party and doesn’t require a bucket of ice.

Pros to the BR2001SS EdgeStar Kegerator


Besides buying a mini fridge and doing a bunch of customizations, which can ruin the fridge itself and be very time consuming, this is the best deal you will find for an entry level Kegerator fridge.

Size: For its capacity it is not a very bulky unit. Many people are very surprised that there is actually a full-sized keg in there when they open it.


This is a very quiet unit that you can barely hear when it is running


The fridge is on lockable casters and can be easily maneuvered.


This Edgestar kegerator can also be mini fridge. The kegerator can be purchased as a complete single or double tap kegerator as well as a standalone fridge for those who hap the taps and CO2 tank. It can accommodate many different tap towers and can be set up to have the CO2 tank in or outside of the fridge.

Cons of BR2001SS EdgeStar Kegerator


Does not get below 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not a problem for anyone drinking craft beer as even 36 is below the desired serving temp of a beer.

You will hear complaints from people who drink light beers from Budweiser and Coors that their beer isn’t cold enough and honestly the big companies want their beer served as cold as possible to hide flaws in their flavoring.

CO2 Tank

For the fridge to handle a full sized keg or even 2, 5 gallon kegs, the CO2 tank must be put outside the Kegerator. This is not a big deal if you can put the Kegerator in a corner, but since the CO2 tank hangs off of the back the kegerator will stick out about 6” off of the wall if put up against a flat wall.

Other Notes

Assembly of this fridge is very easy and the instructions it comes with are very clear for both; fridge and kegerator versions. They also have assembly videos on their website as well as care videos to improve the longevity of your purchase.

Most places will deliver it straight to your door which is a great convenience.