Types of Kegerators

In a world swirling with the effervescence of craft brews and the bubbling passion for homegrown hops, the humble kegerator emerges as the hero we never knew we needed. Ah, the kegerator: that gloriously ingenious fusion of technology and libations, providing perfectly chilled pints at our fingertips. It’s time to raise a glass to this unsung protagonist of our modern age as we embark on an intoxicating journey to explore the six types of kegerators that have revolutionized the way we savor our favorite brews.

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, this tantalizing tour through the land of kegerators will offer you a taste of the future, blending the casual and professional in a heady mix of innovation and craftsmanship. So, grab your favorite stool and settle in, dear reader, as we tap into the world of kegerators and discover the perfect pour for your palate. Cheers!

1) Mini Kegerator: The Little Giant That Could

In the vibrant landscape of draft beer dispensing, the mini kegerator has emerged as a true champion of compact convenience and exceptional performance. This little giant is a testament to the ingenuity of modern design, where space constraints are no longer a barrier to enjoying the perfect pint. Let’s delve deeper into the world of the mini kegerator, exploring its features, benefits, and what makes it an exceptional choice for beer enthusiasts with limited space.

The mini kegerator, though small in size, is big on performance. It is equipped with advanced cooling technology that ensures your beer is always chilled to the perfect temperature. The built-in CO2 system guarantees optimal carbonation, maintaining the brew’s integrity and delivering a crisp, frothy pour every time. Furthermore, the mini kegerator’s user-friendly design makes it incredibly easy to set up, operate, and clean.

Now, let’s explore some key aspects of the mini kegerator in bullet points:

  • Pricing: $50 – $500 depending on features, brand, and design
  • Serves: Approximately 1.32 gallons or 169 ounces of beer
  • Compatible Kegs: Typically accommodates mini kegs (5-liter) and, in some models, Cornelius kegs (2.5-3 gallons)
  • Ideal Locations: Small apartments, home bars, kitchens, home offices, and recreational rooms
  • Purpose: Provides a convenient and compact solution for dispensing draft beer in limited spaces

Pros & Cons of Mini Kegerator


  1. Space-saving: The mini kegerator’s small footprint makes it an ideal choice for those with limited space, such as small apartments or compact home bars.
  2. Portable: Its lightweight design allows for easy transportation, making it perfect for tailgating, picnics, or intimate gatherings with friends and family.
  3. Energy-efficient: Mini kegerators consume less energy compared to their larger counterparts, which can result in long-term cost savings on electricity bills.


  1. Limited capacity: Due to their smaller size, mini kegerators can only accommodate a limited volume of beer, requiring more frequent keg replacements.
  2. Compatibility: Mini kegerators are typically compatible with only specific keg types, which may limit your options when it comes to selecting your preferred brew.
  3. Potential for uneven cooling: Some models of mini kegerators may not have the most advanced cooling systems, which could result in inconsistent temperature regulation and suboptimal beer quality.

In essence, the mini kegerator is a remarkable innovation in the world of draft beer dispensing. It brings the joy of a perfectly poured pint to those with limited space, allowing them to savor their favorite brews without compromising on quality. While it may have its limitations, the mini kegerator’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks, making it a worthy addition to any beer lover’s collection.

2) Freestanding Kegerators: The Independent Imbibers’ Dream

As a veritable chameleon of the draft beer world, the freestanding kegerator deftly adapts to a multitude of environments, offering an unparalleled level of versatility and convenience for beer enthusiasts. With the ability to accommodate various keg sizes and types, this particular kegerator style caters to a diverse array of preferences and occasions. The freestanding kegerator can be easily relocated or repositioned, ensuring that your draft beer system remains functional and accessible even as your spatial requirements or aesthetic preferences evolve.

Constructed with high-quality materials and equipped with advanced temperature control systems, freestanding kegerators maintain optimal serving conditions for your favorite brews. Many models also feature customizable tap handles and finishes, allowing you to tailor your draft beer system to your unique taste and décor. With a wide range of prices and features available, the freestanding kegerator is an attractive and practical option for those seeking a flexible and efficient solution to their draft beer needs.

Key Features and Considerations:

  • Pricing: Ranging from $600 to over $3,000, depending on features and capacity
  • Serves: Approximately 1.32 gallons (169 ounces) per keg, though capacity varies by model
  • Compatible Kegs: Accommodates a variety of keg sizes and types, including half-barrel, quarter-barrel, and mini-kegs
  • Ideal Locations: Home bars, game rooms, man caves, and entertainment areas
  • Purpose: Provides a flexible and efficient draft beer system for personal use or entertaining

Pros and Cons


  1. Versatility: Easily relocated or repositioned to adapt to changing spatial requirements or aesthetic preferences
  2. Customizable: Offers a range of finishes, tap handles, and design elements to suit individual taste and décor
  3. Compatibility: Accommodates various keg sizes and types to cater to diverse preferences and occasions


  1. Space Requirements: May require more floor space than built-in or mini kegerator models.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Freestanding models may be less energy efficient than built-in or outdoor kegerators due to their design and insulation properties.

In summary, freestanding kegerators offer an exceptional degree of flexibility and adaptability, making them a popular choice for those who wish to enjoy their favorite draft beer in various locations and settings. While they may require more space and energy than other kegerator types, their versatility, mobility, and customization options make them a worthy investment for any beer enthusiast.

3) Built-In Kegerators: The Seamless Sipper’s Delight

In the realm of draft beer dispensing, the built-in kegerator holds a special place as the epitome of elegance, functionality, and seamless integration. This refined addition to your home or bar brings a sense of sophistication and unadulterated pleasure to the experience of sipping a freshly poured draft beer. Let’s dive into the details of the built-in kegerator, exploring its refined features, benefits, and what makes it the ultimate choice for the discerning beer enthusiast with an eye for design.

The built-in kegerator is meticulously designed to fit snugly within your existing cabinetry or bar area, offering a polished and streamlined appearance. Its front-venting design allows for optimal airflow and heat dissipation, ensuring your prized brews are always served at the perfect temperature. The built-in kegerator’s advanced temperature control system allows you to fine-tune the settings, accommodating a wide range of beer styles and ensuring each pour is impeccably chilled. Additionally, its discreet nature and unobtrusive design make it a welcome addition to any home or bar, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a touch of luxury.

Now, let’s explore some key aspects of the built-in kegerator in bullet points:

  • Pricing: $800 – $5,000 depending on features, brand, and design
  • Serves: Varies based on keg size compatibility, from mini kegs (1.32 gallons/169 ounces) to full-sized kegs (15.5 gallons/1,984 ounces)
  • Compatible Kegs: Typically accommodates a range of keg sizes, including mini kegs, pony kegs, quarter kegs, and half kegs, depending on the specific model
  • Ideal Locations: Home bars, kitchens, man caves, entertainment rooms, and luxury apartments
  • Purpose: Provides a sleek, discreet, and integrated draft beer solution for those seeking a seamless and sophisticated addition to their living space

Pros & Cons of Built-In Kegerators


  1. Aesthetically pleasing: The built-in kegerator’s seamless integration into your existing cabinetry or bar area offers a polished and professional appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.
  2. Efficient use of space: By fitting within your cabinetry or bar area, the built-in kegerator maximizes available space, making it an ideal solution for those looking to optimize their living area.
  3. Advanced temperature control: Built-in kegerators often come equipped with sophisticated temperature control systems, allowing for precise adjustments to accommodate various beer styles and ensure the perfect pour every time.


  1. Installation complexity: Built-in kegerators typically require more complex installation compared to their freestanding counterparts, potentially necessitating professional assistance and additional costs.
  2. Limited mobility: Once installed, built-in kegerators are not easily relocated, which may be a drawback for those who prefer flexibility in their draft beer dispensing setup.

The built-in kegerator offers a refined and seamless solution for those seeking a discreet and stylish way to enjoy their favorite draft beers. While it may have some limitations, the elegance and functionality of this sophisticated system make it a highly desirable addition for those who value both form and function in their beer dispensing experience.

4) Outdoor Kegerators: The Alfresco Aficionado’s Dream

Picture this: a warm summer evening, the sun dipping below the horizon, casting a golden glow over your idyllic backyard gathering. The laughter of friends and family mingles with the sizzle of the grill, the clink of glasses raised in celebration. This, dear reader, is the domain of the outdoor kegerator, the pièce de résistance of any alfresco soiree. Let’s dive deeper into the world of outdoor kegerators and explore their defining characteristics, ideal locations, and the benefits and drawbacks of these marvelous machines.

Outdoor kegerators are designed to be as resilient as they are convenient. Built with durable materials like stainless steel, these hardy dispensers are equipped with features such as weatherproof construction, insulated cabinets, and reinforced hoses to protect against the elements. Additionally, outdoor kegerators come in various styles, from freestanding to built-in units, and single to multi-tap configurations, catering to every al fresco aficionado’s dreams.

Key Points

  • Pricing: $1,800-$5,000, depending on the size, style, and features of the unit
  • Serves: Approximately 1.32 gallons / 169 ounces per keg (may vary depending on the keg size and kegerator’s capacity)
  • Compatible Kegs: Outdoor kegerators are usually compatible with various keg sizes, including half-barrel, quarter-barrel, and mini kegs, depending on the unit’s capacity.
  • Ideal Locations: backyards, patios, outdoor kitchens, poolside lounges, rooftop terraces
  • Purpose: Outdoor kegerators are specifically designed to enhance your open-air entertainment experience, providing the ultimate in convenience and refreshment. They allow you to keep your favorite draft beers chilled and on tap throughout your outdoor gatherings, eliminating the need for constant trips to the beer fridge or ice-filled coolers.

Pros And Cons


  1. Convenience: Outdoor kegerators provide the ultimate convenience for your outdoor events, ensuring your favorite draft beers remain refreshingly chilled and readily available throughout your gathering.
  2. Durability: Built to withstand the elements, outdoor kegerators are crafted from durable materials, such as stainless steel, and feature weatherproof construction for long-lasting performance.
  3. Enhanced Entertaining: An outdoor kegerator elevates your backyard, patio, or poolside parties, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your events while keeping your guests refreshed and satisfied.


  1. Cost: Outdoor kegerators can be pricey, with a wide range of prices depending on the size, style, and features. You’ll need to consider your budget and the desired features to find the right unit for your needs.
  2. Maintenance: Outdoor kegerators require regular cleaning and maintenance, such as changing lines and cleaning taps, to ensure optimal performance and hygiene. In addition, outdoor units may need extra protection during extreme weather conditions or when not in use.

5) Commercial Kegerators: The Publicist’s Powerhouse

In the bustling world of bars, restaurants, and breweries, the need for a reliable, high-performance draft beer system is paramount. Enter the commercial kegerator: a veritable powerhouse designed to meet the demanding needs of businesses that serve beer on tap. These robust units are engineered to provide consistent, high-quality pours while maintaining optimal temperature control, ensuring that every glass is served at the perfect temperature for maximum enjoyment.

Constructed to withstand heavy use and high volume, commercial kegerators are built with durability and efficiency in mind. Their advanced features cater to the unique requirements of busy establishments, ensuring a seamless and satisfying draft beer experience for both patrons and staff. Among the many features that set commercial kegerators apart are dual tap systems, multiple keg capacities, and sophisticated temperature controls. These units are designed to accommodate a variety of keg sizes and types, making them a versatile choice for establishments with diverse beer offerings.

When it comes to serving draft beer, commercial kegerators are the undisputed champions of the hospitality industry. With their exceptional performance, adaptability, and reliability, they are an indispensable asset for businesses striving to deliver an unparalleled beer experience to their customers. As the demand for craft beer continues to grow, the role of the commercial kegerator as the publicist’s powerhouse becomes more significant than ever.

Key Features of Commercial Kegerators:

  • Pricing: $600-$5,000, depending on features and capacity
  • Serves: approximately 1.32 gallons / 169 ounces per keg
  • Compatible Kegs: accommodates a variety of keg sizes and types.
  • Ideal Locations: bars, restaurants, breweries, and other hospitality venues
  • Purpose: to provide consistent, high-quality draft beer in high-volume settings

Pros And Cons


  1. Durable and reliable: engineered to withstand heavy use and high volume.
  2. Versatile: designed to accommodate multiple keg sizes and types, suitable for diverse beer offerings
  3. Advanced temperature control: ensures optimal serving temperature for maximum enjoyment


  1. Higher initial investment: commercial kegerators can be more expensive than their residential counterparts.
  2. Space requirements: may require more space due to its larger capacity and multiple keg storage capabilities.

6) Conversion Kits: The DIY Draft Devotee’s Darling

For those who revel in the satisfaction of a hands-on project or simply seek a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a pre-assembled kegerator, kegerator conversion kits are the answer to your draft beer dreams. These kits provide a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for transforming an existing refrigerator or freezer into a fully functional kegerator, allowing you to create a customized draft beer system tailored to your specific needs and preferences. With a wide array of options ranging from basic single-tap setups to elaborate multi-tap configurations, the conversion kit empowers you to craft your ideal draft beer experience while staying true to your DIY spirit.

Kegerator conversion kits typically include all the necessary components, such as a CO2 tank, regulator, beer and air lines, faucet, shank, drip tray, and tap handle, ensuring that you have everything you need to create a professional-grade draft beer system. In addition, many kits are designed to be compatible with a variety of keg types and sizes, offering the ultimate in flexibility and customization.

Key Features:

  • Pricing: Ranging from $30 to $300+ depending on the complexity and components of the kit
  • Serves: Approximately 1.32 gallons (169 ounces) per standard beer keg
  • Compatible Kegs: Varying keg types and sizes, including mini kegs, Cornelius kegs, and standard half-barrel kegs
  • Ideal Locations: Home bars, man caves, garages, basements, or outdoor entertainment areas
  • Purpose: To convert an existing refrigerator or freezer into a customized draft beer system

Pros and Cons of Conversion Kits


  1. Cost-effective: Kegerator conversion kits offer a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a pre-assembled kegerator, making draft beer enjoyment more accessible to a wider audience.
  2. Customizable: With a range of options and components, conversion kits allow for a high degree of personalization, enabling you to create a draft beer system that perfectly aligns with your preferences and requirements.
  3. DIY satisfaction: Assembling your own kegerator from a conversion kit provides a unique sense of accomplishment and pride, as you craft your ideal draft beer experience with your own hands.


  1. Time and effort: Kegerator conversion kits require a degree of hands-on assembly and installation, which may be more time-consuming and labor-intensive than purchasing a pre-assembled kegerator.
  2. Potential compatibility issues: While many kits are designed to work with a variety of refrigerators and freezers, there may be instances where certain components or configurations are not compatible with your specific appliance, requiring additional adjustments or modifications.

The Verdict

There you have it: the six sensational types of kegerators that have changed the way we enjoy our beloved brews. As we raise a glass to the marriage of technology and craftsmanship, we invite you to explore the world of kegerators and find the perfect match for your personal beer paradise. Bottoms up!